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Senior Internship

The purpose of the senior internship is to provide seniors with the opportunity to design an independent project and gain experience in areas of interest for employment or service in the community. Qualifying seniors will not attend classes at Hope Christian School for the last four weeks before senior trip.   Students who are in Advanced Placement  classes  will  need  to  make  special arrangements with their teacher for attending class and taking the AP  exam.   The  senior  may  not  graduate  unless  all  of  the requirements for the internship have been met.
The internship may take  the  form  of  academic  research,  community  service,  and exposure to a vocational or professional role, or any other idea approved by the school. The student should be positive and serious about  the internship,  and will  need  to  meet  requirements  and expectations that are delineated further at the time of the internship. Students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for the program; however, a student who is getting a D or F in a particular class may be required to attend the class in question.